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Niwa Uno 50 

Is an affordable solar lantern designed to match the lighting needs of small households in off grid areas.

It is easy to operate by the users, and all components are specifically designed for high performance and integrate the latest technology in lighting & battery storage for extended life and trouble free operation.

It is an environmentally friendly solution that eliminates the need for paraffin thus increasing savings and reducing health hazards associated with paraffin lamps.

Niwa Uno 50

 We have a separate division for the initial equipping and after sales service for borehole pumping equipment. We are experienced in the supply, installation and maintenance of electric submersible pumps powered by mains electricity, diesel generator and solar/wind power. We can also provide the civil works required for the storage and distribution of the water.

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“I don’t have any worries with the risk of the kerosene to spill and burn the house, because solar is easy to use and the children can put it on without me around.”