Mibawa Suppliers Ltd was incorporated in year 2010 in Kenya and has office on Siwaka Plaza in Madaraka, Nairobi West.

We specialise in Borehole Equipment supplies with Solar Water Pumping Solutions, Back Up Solutions and Solar Water heating solutions. We have considerable experience in handling a wide range of large and small projects for commercial and private clients in the Republic of Kenya and abroad.

We have a team of Project Managers, Engineers and support staff who will offer comprehensive services from the initial feasibility study through to the completed contract work. These ranges from, small entities of individual households to relatively sizable organizations. Alternately, our scope of services may be tailored to suit a client’s specific needs. In practice we are able to add additional resource(s) to our existing client skills for both new and existing projects.


Dedicated to transforming the quality of life for those we serve by providing safe, reliable products and services at the lowest reasonable cost, with exceptional customer service”


To be the preferred supplier of Borehole Equipments with Solar Water Pumping Solutions, Back Up Solutions and Solar Water heating solutions in East Africa.

Key activities

Solar Home Lighting Kits
  • Off-Grid Solar Lighting Kit Procurement, Distribution and Installations
  • Larger PV Solar Designs, Supplies and Installations
Borehole Equipment Supplies with Solar Water Pumping Solutions
  • Supply of water projects equipment that includes borehole drilling and equipping
  • Remote Water Pumping Supplies and Installations.
  • General Technical and Electrical sub contractor services.

In just over ten years the company has supplied and installed borehole equipment to over 500 boreholes across the country. In the Solar industry the Company has rolled out to many rural households a large number of high quality and reliable off-grid solar lighting kits thus reducing reliance on fossil fuels and improving the quality of life. Over 25,000 kits have since been sold to households in Kenya and Uganda.

Mibawa Suppliers Ltd is also equipped with the renewable energy’s most reliable design and evaluation tools. These tools range from water pumping software from Grundfos and Lorentz, Homer and RET Screen project evaluation software to locally developed solar sizing spreadsheet applications. These professional tools enable the Mibawa Suppliers Ltd technical team to design and install solar and power back up systems usually with the highest possible probability of system performance. Most of the time systems designed with such tools have the lowest instances of downtime or failure.