One of the most reliable alternative forms of energy to address this setback is solar water pumping using Photovoltaic Energy or Solar Power. Solar water pumping systems offer a cost-effective alternative to expensive grid extensions in remote areas of the world. Solar Water Pumping systems are cost-effective in the long run when compared to the operation, maintenance, and fuel cost of electricity from diesel generators. Mibawa Suppliers is among the most experienced and Solar Water Pumping solutions providers in the country. To date Mibawa Suppliers has fitted over 200 boreholes with Solar Pumping equipment. Mibawa has partnered with various stakeholders including Machakos County, KIWASH, The Kenya Red Cross, Catholic Relief Services and other private borehole owners.
Solar water pumping Solutions are best suited in harnessing water resources where the current pumping utilizes the following: 

  • Grid Power
  • Off grid diesel generators
  •  Wind Mills 
  •  Hand Pumps

Solar water pumping methods provide a large number of advantages for harnessing water resources Compared to other forms of water extraction solar water pumping methods have a number of advantages including 

  • Reduced wear and tear costs associated with moving parts for such systems.
  • Low maintenance or running costs. 
  • Remote installations virtually anywhere the solar insolation is in abundance.
  • Reliability due to long life work ratio and reduced down time