Mibawa Suppliers designs and supplies PV Solar Power Systems as an alternative in areas where grid power connectivity is not available. A Basic PV Solar System consists of an Array of PV Solar Panels, Batteries, Charge regulators and Inverters. When subjected to light Solar Panels produce electrical energy. This energy is stored in batteries in DC form. Charge Controllers manage the electrical energy from solar panels into the batteries while inverter converts the DC Power in the batteries into the normal 240 VAC required for most electrical appliances. Mibawa Suppliers Ltd supplies and installs high quality solar panels. Solar systems provide the benefits of energy independence, the ability to regenerate power with little or no maintenance costs.

Unstable and Unreliable power supply can have serious effects on the operations of any business or home setup. Frequent blackouts or brownouts pose a great problem to electrical equipment sometimes leading to damage and malfunctions. Mibawa also designs and installs power back up solutions using high end equipment and components. A Power Back Up system consists of an Inverter Charger and a Battery bank. When the grid is available, power is stored in the batteries through charging via the inverter and when the grid power goes off, the inverter charger automatically supplies the stored power in the batteries to the elected appliances connected to the power back.